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I got the kiss, but you know I'm gonna have to get the other 31 endings now too! Wonderful story <3

how'd u make this absolute beauty? I mean which software lol

It's twine, my friend :) It's a free software to make web based hyperlink stories (they also have a typed story format, where you write your choices. But it's less common)


29 out of 32, I got the kiss. Could do better, but I still got it. 

Beautiful story and writing. I'm definitely looking forward to a sequel. Thank you for creating this masterpiece


this is such a  brilliant game BUT HOW DO I GET A KISS DWHFHJFJ i played 5 times and failed hahha :((( some1 gimme a walkthru lol

to the dev, i need a 2nd part of this cAUSE YEs :))^^


I wanted the kiss, and i got the kiss. I wish we could have a second part to develp the romance deeper, but other than that i loved this so much <3




Hiya, really enjoyed playing this <3


WTF How did I only gt 13 points on my first play through?  This captain plays hard to get!

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This game was recommended to me by a friend and was actually my introduction to interactive fictions! It's short but so well written and captivating, from the references to real medical books and the explanations about the surgeon's tools it's clear the amount of effort and heart put into this. Captain Cooper is so so nice and the progression in our relationship with him feels very natural, the kiss is just the cherry on top. The way you write makes it really easy to visualize the scenes and the way we can build our character makes me want to play this again and again! 10/10 will be coming back, in fact, I've been coming back here for about a year now :)


finally got the kiss ending! 34/32 points somehow xD


I can’t get my points up… Frustrated gesture

Can someone assist me with that? :,)

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I've spend a good morning playing* this!

I've even made my character, Lynn Cordelian on Heroforge :)

*(2 times, till I got the kiss xD
In the first run I tried being shy, for a slow burn romance, but then realized that would require a longer game and that would be a ton of work xD)


finally my ideal game lol


finally got to chapter 5 lol



I have no idea how I got 33 out of 32 possible points but I got to kiss the captain which is worth at least 30 of those points alone so 😍😍😍


A very fun, sweet game! I love the Captain and Mr. Lane!

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