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I got the kiss, but you know I'm gonna have to get the other 31 endings now too! Wonderful story <3

how'd u make this absolute beauty? I mean which software lol

It's twine, my friend :) It's a free software to make web based hyperlink stories (they also have a typed story format, where you write your choices. But it's less common)


29 out of 32, I got the kiss. Could do better, but I still got it. 

Beautiful story and writing. I'm definitely looking forward to a sequel. Thank you for creating this masterpiece


this is such a  brilliant game BUT HOW DO I GET A KISS DWHFHJFJ i played 5 times and failed hahha :((( some1 gimme a walkthru lol

to the dev, i need a 2nd part of this cAUSE YEs :))^^


I wanted the kiss, and i got the kiss. I wish we could have a second part to develp the romance deeper, but other than that i loved this so much <3




Hiya, really enjoyed playing this <3


WTF How did I only gt 13 points on my first play through?  This captain plays hard to get!

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This game was recommended to me by a friend and was actually my introduction to interactive fictions! It's short but so well written and captivating, from the references to real medical books and the explanations about the surgeon's tools it's clear the amount of effort and heart put into this. Captain Cooper is so so nice and the progression in our relationship with him feels very natural, the kiss is just the cherry on top. The way you write makes it really easy to visualize the scenes and the way we can build our character makes me want to play this again and again! 10/10 will be coming back, in fact, I've been coming back here for about a year now :)


finally got the kiss ending! 34/32 points somehow xD


I can’t get my points up… Frustrated gesture

Can someone assist me with that? :,)

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I've spend a good morning playing* this!

I've even made my character, Lynn Cordelian on Heroforge :)

*(2 times, till I got the kiss xD
In the first run I tried being shy, for a slow burn romance, but then realized that would require a longer game and that would be a ton of work xD)


finally my ideal game lol


finally got to chapter 5 lol



I have no idea how I got 33 out of 32 possible points but I got to kiss the captain which is worth at least 30 of those points alone so 😍😍😍


A very fun, sweet game! I love the Captain and Mr. Lane!


I love this game!! The options are all interesting which encourages me to play another round and although hanging with Captain Cooper is great, it's so delightful as an adventure as well.


This is just so incredible and i want more <3


I remember playing this a year ago and had to play again. Love the fact that me and Cooper can be just bros, without it feeling awkward

Overall really like this game :DD

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Oooooh, boy. Oh, boy, boyo, boyito. This was a great game! I got 32 from 32, and boy Do I Want To Play It Again. It makes me want to write a fanfic about Captain Cooper and Y/N, lmao-

Apollo's boy is pretty relatable himself, too. Gay and in love with pirates.

If you do, let me know! I'd love to read it!


And here's me,coming back after a few years still impressed by this game and becoming interested in pirate stuff once again...I just played through the "charismatic" side and managed to score 35/32 in one shot (partly by choosing the choices different from "intelligent" haha). I should have tried this when I first played instead of trying multiple times to get full points in "intelligent"...I guess I'm more like a charismatic person huh XD

Haha yeah, the system is imperfect, but I'm glad you came back after so long!! :D


I love this game so much dude, hooked me from the very beginning. Very well written, I enjoyed this a lot :)

Thank you! :D


I made an account just so I could tell you how much I loved this.  You set a very believable stage with excellent research and interesting characters and the only thing I can complain about is that it's over far too soon.  I scored 33 of 32 and got a beautiful romantic kiss from a gorgeous pirate captain.  It's so hard to find any kind of a game or interactive narrative that lets you just be gay and enjoy a world where you can play without having to force yourself into a role that just doesn't fit.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and you have my thanks.

Thank you!! I'm glad that you were able to enjoy playing and not have to force yourself into a role, that was why I made this!

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29 points and i got the kiss! feeling very happy lol

such a cute game! some of medical procedures got me cringing though haha


Aww thank you! The surgery they did at the time was really gruesome, I tried to leave out the worst stuff but it's still kind of a stomach-turner


I loved this so much! The characters, world building and choices made it such a compelling story! :)

Thank you! It's good to hear you had fun! :D

Stuck, is it a bug or a Bad end?

I don't think there's a NEXT for "I wish it wasn't, I wish I was...." in Chapter 2.

Hmm that's not a bad end, it means that one of the required statements didn't go through. I'll try uploading a new version with a patch, let me know if this one works!


33 of 32 :0 i thoroughly enjoyed this and am Pining for the captain now </3

Better than perfect! I'm glad you had fun! :D


aww CUTE! I got 28 points! I feel so accomplished! Great game:D

How long did it take you to create?


I'm glad you like it! :D

OOF this one took a long time... between starting and finishing maybe a year? but I take MONTHS-long breaks when work gets crazy and I have no time


29 of 32 and I got my kiss! A very enjoyable story. You may not be a dev, but to make a good game does not require one to be an excellent coder. To be able to develop a well written story, characters, and suck your audience in wanting more is a talent. No pun intended....well maybe just a bit. But my point stands you have a talent and I hope you continue to make more of these.


Thank you!! I'm planning on making similar projects, eventually. Glad you got your kiss!


Great story! I didn't think it was possible to get "35 of 32 possible points" lol or was that a typo? I have so many saves for this game just so that I can compare and see how the choices affect the story and I haven't even gotten to playing different personality combinations yet! Honestly, I applaud you for the awesome work you put into this. I'm definitely going to have to spend another hour or so to try out different branches because I just want to be immersed in the many possibilities you've put in this story. 

A ship has most definitely sailed, it's called the Omen and it carries gay pirates and precious booty!


Oops yeah that was a typo! Thank you!! I'm glad you had fun! :D


Too short, I`ve never been more interested in a story than this. What a great piece of *virtual art* I should call it. I would love to see the longer version and if not maybe a new project in the same style but with a different scenario. Maybe a small colony in the New World, maybe a expedition in to the Jungle or maybe to Antarctica, keeping the great historical accuracy.

Great work, im very mad and feel heartbroken that it ended.


Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like it! 

You actually hit the nail right on the head with the journey to Antarctica idea, I'm actually really interested in Franklin's lost expedition to find the Northwest Passage... which would be a cool idea for a game...


Cheers mate, your game is great and your perspective looks good. I can`t wait to experience that adventure to Antarctica thanks to you. Hope you open a box for advice and ideas. 

Keep the good work, we support you here!


That's a good idea, I know I have my tumblr askbox open but getting a box on itch would be way better. 

Thank you for the support!! It means the world to me that people enjoy this game so much!


Amazing! I loved it! Compelling, individual characters, fascinating choices, it was great!

Ahh thank you! I'm glad you  had fun :D


I loved the game (though I still can't get the kiss 😢😢) but still it's great.

If you don't mind me asking, is there a second part in the story?😊


thank you!! if you want I could put up a walkthrough? 

there isn't a second part, chapter 5 is the final one :,)

Oh thank you for the concern, but if your busy don't do the walkthrough😂😂 hehe

i'll see what i can do!

Delightful. Thank you

Of course! I'm glad you liked it :)


thank you so much for making this it was so fun to play all i wish is that there was art at the end but good job nonetheless:)))

thanks! glad you liked it :)


this was soooooo good !!! i really love it. its making me inspired to draw even though ive been art blocked for like, a month. thank u so much for putting this out in the world !!!!! im excited to see ur other stuff <333

hell yes!! i'm glad you like it! :D hope you draw lots of cool pirates!!!

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This game was fantastic !! I love her and the characters in her!! The plot was addictive and very pleasant. The plot was not boring, and even wanted to go through it several times. At the end I scored 33/32 points.

 I am waiting for more projects from your hand. :D


aahhh thank you! I'm glad you liked it!! :D


34/32 points...? I knew I was good but DAMN! (u prolly already guessed this but I got the kiss :D)


Congrats!! :D also rip my math skills haha

I only got 16 points😢


i, too, am gay and like pirates

anyways i just???? i just love this so much????? this game is just so wonderful!!!

a fellow kindred spirit,,,,

i'm so glad you liked it!! :D


CUTE GAME :D I already love pirates and being homo with them so this was a treat!! I really like that this wasn't overly complicated and that there weren't like a billion different things? I don't normally play twine games because I like the visuals in games but I am so glad I decided to play this one - and I got a kiss!! >:D Thank you for sharing this with us!! I'm looking forward to anything else you release!!!

Also wanted to say that old medicine is nuts and thank god we've advanced because holy cow, I would die

Aw thank you!! I'm glad you like the simplicity, easy to play easy to code haha! :D 

and yeah, doing research for this game made me so glad to live in a world with modern anesthetics!!  

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