Life at sea is dangerous for a surgeon, pirates are always looking for someone who has medical knowledge. Unfortunately, your boat has just been cornered by a ship flying a black flag. You're captured, and rumors fly about the captain's romantic past as the ship draws closer and closer to buried treasure...

Not exactly a dating game, but if you play your cards right you can steal a kiss at the end.  There's also gay poetry. Player character is  male.

I'm not really a game dev, I'm just gay and like pirates.


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34/32 points...? I knew I was good but DAMN! (u prolly already guessed this but I got the kiss :D)


Congrats!! :D also rip my math skills haha


i, too, am gay and like pirates

anyways i just???? i just love this so much????? this game is just so wonderful!!!

a fellow kindred spirit,,,,

i'm so glad you liked it!! :D


CUTE GAME :D I already love pirates and being homo with them so this was a treat!! I really like that this wasn't overly complicated and that there weren't like a billion different things? I don't normally play twine games because I like the visuals in games but I am so glad I decided to play this one - and I got a kiss!! >:D Thank you for sharing this with us!! I'm looking forward to anything else you release!!!

Also wanted to say that old medicine is nuts and thank god we've advanced because holy cow, I would die

Aw thank you!! I'm glad you like the simplicity, easy to play easy to code haha! :D 

and yeah, doing research for this game made me so glad to live in a world with modern anesthetics!!  


I got the kiss!! This is the first twine (?) game I’ve ever played with a points system and the writing is just *chef’s kiss*

This game also taught me that oil of vitriol is sulphuric acid. Thinking about pouring that on an open wound is giving me The Fear, how does the captain do it. 

Thank you for this game~ 

Hell yeah!! I 'm glad you like it! :D

Also YEAH so many of those old time-y medicines are insane. And the apparatuses they made for retrieving bullets and shrapnel? No wonder they drank so much, it was brutal. 


I'm here to say that your creation is one of the most enjoyable, touching and heartwarming novel I have ever played. I do not know how you did that but I really wanted to cry at the end of it (not because I was sad ofc) really spoke to my soul I guess. Thank you so much for creating and sharing! Good luck with future projects!!! <3 (srry for my eng)


!!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm amazed (and glad!) at how much it means to you! When I first posted this game I felt kind of silly, and after the first comment I ever got I was so close to deleting it. But after all of the awesome feedback I'm just so glad others could have fun, too :,)   your comment really means the world to me!! thank you!!! [also ur eng is great!]


I suppose some people just do not know when they need to pipe down :<

Gosh you are so sweet I`m crying (again lolol) Your work is great and so many people adore and appreciate it! You are working hard and there is a piece of you in every writing so please never doubt yourself :) Oh well and if you don`t mind me asking I would like to know a little bit more about Coopers appearance. Only if it`s no trouble or boredom for you, of course.


ahhhhh!!!!! thank you!! :,D

And of course!! I imagined him as in his late 20s/early 30s , with really dark brown/black hair that he mostly keeps long so he can tie it out of his face.  Square-faced with  stubble (hard to shave well at sea). He's probably pretty tan, being on boats for most of his life, but I don't think he has that really leathery sailor skin yet.  A little on the bigger side (maybe like 5'11?) and pretty strong from running the rigging and lifting cargo, but not the most muscly member of the crew by far.  His clothes are dark (except those cool while pirate shirts) probably mostly for convenience.

I used to have an absolutely beautiful piece of fan art but the person deleted their twitter so it is lost... :(


Ahah I actually asked aboy Cooper to draw him too :D Not that I am good at it, drawing just brings me joy. Thank you so much for your detailed description! Our conversation was very pleasant to me :)


If you don't mind I would love to see it (no pressure though of course!!)! It's been great talking to you!! :D


I got 36 of 32 possible points

oh my god i counted wrong


If you are thinking of fixing it another tip is to make the maximum number of points different for different strengths as there are more things to get with charisma as a strength than the other strengths

That was my original plan, the total scores were all around 35 but the way that I had set it up intelligence was way easier to win than strength. I didn't want to play favorites so I adjusted the scores and I guess left some behind in my final count! 

I don't know if I'll go back and change this game, but it is something I'm keeping a close eye on in other games.  I'd love to change the max available number of points in the future but  I'd want to make sure it all shakes out evenly lol

Great. Another tip is that I was able to get the score I got was by right clicking on the game and then pressing Inspect, which got me able to see the $love variables and find which ones made them positive or negative. It is a good way to be able to find the maximum number of points

Also, I was able to get 33 of 32 possible points for Intelligence as a strength


ive played through this several times and i love it more every time, also id kill for a sequel :*


ahhhh thank you so much!! I would definitely love to revisit this little world... we will see!


second times a charm! i loved this, 10000000 stars!! I didn't want to stop reading! You're an excellent writer and i was very entertained :P

!! I'm so glad you liked it! I try my best :D

I'm also glad you relate to the description haha


i literally relate to the description so much i-


Can I please write a fanfiction out of this? It's way too good!!! I wanna write something about what could happen after the ending!!!


!!!! Oh my god of course!! Please drop a link when you're done so I can read it!!!!


Awesome!!! I'll start writing right away!!! I'll drop a link when it's done! Thanks so much for letting me write a fanfic! I just love your game so much!!!


I'm so excited!!!  I love when people make stuff for my games  it's the best feeling in the world!!! :D


i got the kiss, let's goooo!!! 10/10 would gay pirate again

A perfect score!! :D I'm glad you had fun!


two playthroughs to get the kiss! ive never felt more gay and happy

hfdklks hell yeah!! also I love your icon

It took WAY TOO MANY playthroughs to get that kiss, but hooo boy was it worth it. I loved it, so much. Any chance of more adventures with Captain Cooper? (The story telling is perfect!)

Ahh thank you!  I'm so glad you liked it!! I've got some different projects in the works now, but I will definitely keep a sequel in mind! :0


this was lovely, i require more gay pirates

I'm glad you liked it! :D

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This game is so good~ You got me interested in the pirate stuff now! >w<

ahh thank you! I hope you find lots of good pirate content out there!!


The game is so good that it made me fall in love with this pirate stuff XD

Thank you! I hope you find lots of other good pirate content! :D


XD  (And I also stole a kiss! Just feeling so nice while playing.)

There's no NSFW right? XD

Haha nope! Just some swearing and a kiss


Oh Imma go and take that kiss HAHA


I stole a kiss ( ̄ω ̄)

Ohoho good for you!!