Life at sea is dangerous for a surgeon, pirates are always looking for someone who has medical knowledge. Unfortunately, your boat has just been cornered by a ship flying a black flag. You're captured, and rumors fly about the captain's romantic past as the ship draws closer and closer to buried treasure...

Not exactly a dating game, but if you play your cards right you can steal a kiss at the end.  There's also gay poetry. Player character is  male.

I'm not really a game dev, I'm just gay and like pirates.


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This game is so good~ You got me interested in the pirate stuff now! >w<

ahh thank you! I hope you find lots of good pirate content out there!!


The game is so good that it made me fall in love with this pirate stuff XD

Thank you! I hope you find lots of other good pirate content! :D


XD  (And I also stole a kiss! Just feeling so nice while playing.)

There's no NSFW right? XD

Haha nope! Just some swearing and a kiss


Oh Imma go and take that kiss HAHA


I stole a kiss ( ̄ω ̄)

Ohoho good for you!!