A fan game for Rusty Quill's The Magnus Archives podcast.

You and your husband are vacationing at a beautiful, snowy ski cabin that has the weirdest selection of books. 

Full-screen button is on the bottom right. The Magnus Archives is my favorite podcast, so I thought it would be cool to make a short fan game or two. Also a good excuse to explore more form stuff with Twine!


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cant go past "you can't feel your arms at all" part, the white link isn't there. i have the game full screened and even tried it on mobile.

huh, that's strange. I tried moving the link up to a different line of text, so let me know if it works now! (it may have been cut off)

I can't continue past where it says so close multiple times. Is it the end of the game or am i missing something??

hmmm there is more... Can you see the link at all or is it not there? Do you have the game full-screened?


I can't see the link at all, and nothing changes that regardless if i'm in full screen mode or not!

Ok! It should have been that the link was just getting cut off. I moved it up the screen, let me know if it works now!