New Jersey is host to a whole bunch of odd happenings. One of them is The Devil's Tower in Alpine. You're looking for someone who can take you there. Oh, and he might have a crush on you.

Not exactly a dating game, but if you play your cards right you can steal a kiss at the end. Gender-neutral player character.

I've never made a game before, I'm just real gay. 

FILE UPDATED because there was an error where one story path didn't connect. but it's all good now


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wow !!! this is is Peak Gay .  i love this. the vibes of it, the creativity of the ghost scene  . . .  . the tast e? the flavor  ? impeccable good sir . i love kevin

hkdsljd thank you!! I had a ton of fun doing this one :)

please, please tell me how to get the kiss at the end, I can only ever get up to 14 out of 21 points and I'm close to giving up. It is a great game, I love how natural and engaging it feels.

Thank you so much! Here's the walk through for how to get 21/21.


[[These are just the directions for when there are multiple options. When there's only one available option just click that one. The brackets mean you need to click something in the paragraph text]]

Knock lightly
"I'm looking for someone who knows about ghosts"
"Which ones do you know?"
"Do you always get so excited to talk about this stuff?"
You nod
You say nothing, just walk to the truck
You keep quiet
"I prefer Bon Jovi"
"Let's do it"
"I think there's something in your truck"
"Holy fuck," you grin
"I'd love to"
You lean forward

thank you so much!

This is an amazing story, I'll probably go back and play again every now and then

Thanks for creating this 

No problem! Thank you for playing it! I'm glad you had as much fun playing as I did making it.

I was also stopped at a passage reading "Double-click this passage to edit it.", which is unfortunate since this is really good!

I love the premise of the game. I did a double take when I saw the title because I wasn't expecting to see the name of a small town I knew here.

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you know Alpine! I grew up about a half hour from there actually

(10/22/18 8:28) fixed the issue ! thanks for telling me

Definitely something I'd spend weeks on end going through the different options and rereading line after line after line. I love the uniqueness of it, the imagery, the ominous ghost stories, and the characters are definitely fun to mess around with. One of the better games on this site, if I'm being honest -- it doesn't take a lot to make an incredible game, and the eeriness of it all makes just the right scary, impending atmosphere, but the bursts of humor can't help but make me love this game more. It's so simple and sweet and yet has so much character development and the fact that I can pick and choose every little thing unlike a visual novel is even more infatuating. I love this game, man. Good job :)

Side-note: Dunno if I'm just missing something or what, but I came to a screen that reads, "Double-click this paragraph to edit it"? Is that just a coding error or am I just really stupid?

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oh no yikes thats totally an error! I'll fix it right now!

(10/22/18 8:27) fixed! sorry about that